Xavier's Dusclops
ザビエルのサマヨール Zabieru no Samayouru
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Xavier's Dusclops
Xavier's Dusclops
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Gender Male
Ability Pressure
Current location With Xavier
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This Pokémon spent 0 episodes as Duskull.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Duskull
As Dusclops

Xavier's Dusclops (サマヨール のザビエル, Samayouru no Zabieru) is a Ghost-Type Pokémon on Xavier's team. When it was still a Duskull, Xavier easily captured it after it was terrorizing a town. He would later keep Dusclops as a major part of his team.

Synopsis Edit

His sole Ghost-Type Pokémon, Xavier often utilizes Dusclops skill when fighting Fighting-Type pokémon. It has a wide arsenal of Ghost-type moves and several Fire-type moves. Dusclops has also shown to be quite friendly with his fellow teammate Cacnea.

Biology Edit

Dusclops has a roundish body with two stubby legs. It has single red eye, three tooth-like appendages similar to its pre-evolution, and its hands appear to be directly attached to its body. It appears to have two bandage ends coming out of its backside.

Abilities & Traits Edit

Dusclops has the ability to trigger fear in its opponent, hence its pressure ability. Its body is hollow and can absorb anything much like a black hole.

Dusclops has shown to have the ability to phase through solid matter, as a Ghost therefore making him immune to physical moves. His ability to phase through matter also entails his ability to alter his body shape. With sheer will power, he can expand the size of his floating hands for mostly aesthetic purposes.

Moves Edit

Using Will-O-Wisp
Move First Used In
Will-O-Wisp Unknown
Confuse Ray Unknown
Shadow Ball Unknown
Ominous Wind Unknown
Fire Punch Unknown
Ice Punch Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.