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Silus' Starly
Silus's Starlyanime
Gender Male
Caught at Hora Route 1
Type Normal/Flying
Ability Keen Eye
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Professor Changi
Original Trainer Silus
First Appearance
Story Debut The Art of Catching a Pokémon!

Silus's Starly (マシューのムックル, Mashū no Mukkuru) is the first Pokémon that Silus captures in the Hora region.

Synopsis Edit

Silus meets Starly almost immediately after leaving Eden Town for Hora Route 1. He battles it with his Chimchar and catches it soon after.

Biology Edit

Starly is a bird with a gray-colored body. The lower half of its wings as well as its head are black. Its face looks like it is wearing a white mask, with black eyes with white pupils as well as a thin orange beak with the tip of it painted black. On its chest is a white spot. The white spot on a female's forehead is smaller. Starly's feet are orange and also has three tailfeathers: two black and one white in the middle.

Although small, they are described to flap their wings with great power.

Starly appears to have keen vision, as it possesses the ability Keen Eye, where its vision can't be marred whatsoever by any force.

Starly are very complacent Pokémon, like most Flying-types. Cool and calm at nearly all times, they are also very sociable creatures, although they may bicker if their group becomes too big. Starly's calls are known to be very strident.

Starly appears to have an affinity with the Yache Berry, as it is occasionally found with it. Starly has also been depicted to consume the acorn-like berries growing on the bushes of Grotle.

Abilities and traits Edit

Starly's Keen Eye prevents loss of Accuracy.

Moves Edit

Silus's Starlyattack
Starly using Double Team.
Move First Used In
Wing Attack Unknown
Quick Attack  The Art of Catching a Pokémon!
Aerial Ace  A Young Trainer's First Fight: Silus vs Aaron
Double Team  A Young Trainer's First Fight: Silus vs Aaron
Whirlwind  The Art of Catching a Pokémon!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Appearances Edit