The Pokédexes used by Hora Trainers.

A Pokédex is an item used by most Pokémon trainers. Its features in the Hora region are slightly different from those of other Pokémon regions.

Features Edit

  • Can record Pokémon data including height, weight, cry, and the areas they are found.
  • Can display the HP and current moveset of a Pokémon. Shown by  Jason's Pokédex, it can also give information about a Pokémon's move and show which Pokémon can learn it.
  • Can double as a cellphone.
  • Can inform it's owner about certain items such as Apricorns.
  • It also contains a town map, which can display, in detail, a town or route. This is shown with Lyra's Pokédex.
  • Can detect Aura wavelengths. Shown by Sean's model, which can be used to track Pokémon which use Aura.

Pokédex Holders Edit

Pokédex Holders are Pokémon Trainers that have been given a Pokédex by a regional Professor. The Pokédex Holders in Hora are;