Orange Island ポン柑島
Ponkan Shima
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Orange Island route
Location: South of Lingon Island
Region: Tropi Archipelago
Generations: 1-5
Tropi Archipelago Orange Island map
Location of Orange Island in Tropi Archipelago.
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Orange Island (ポン柑島 Ponkan Shima, lit. Ponkan Island) is the first island in the Tropi Archipelago. It is the most southern of all the islands and also the largest island. The island houses the town of Citrus Island, which is home to the Citrus Magma Pool. Aside from the obvious magma inside, there are also hot springs were Trainers and Pokémon alike can soak.

Because of the clean air, and the Citrus Magma Pool, Orange Island makes for a popular tourist spot thanks to the hot springs and climate. The tunnels inside the Magma Pool are warm with geothermic energy that attracts Fire-type Pokémon. Additionally, the presence of a legendary Pokémon inside the Magma Pool gives it "moving eruptions". The Citrus Magma Pool and Orange Island are the home of a Heatran.