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Jason's Servne
Snivy - Servine

Jason's Servine

Gender Female
Caught at Eden Town
Type Grass
Ability Overgrow
Pokémon Information
Current Location In rotation
Evolution Spent 4 episodes as Snivy
First Evolution In Snivy, I choose you!
Original Trainer Jason Reid
First Appearance
Story Debut Snivy, I choose you!

Jason's Servine (唖畑のツタージャ Ahatake's Janovy) was the first Pokémon obtained by Jason on his journey as a Pokémon Trainer.

History Edit

Snivy made her debut in Snivy, I choose you!. She entered her first battle in this episode, battle against Amelia's Pikachu and managed to win. In Pokémon Emergency!, Snivy was instrumental in stopping Team Rocket, battling them herself before going to Jason for aid.

Physiology Edit

Similar to its pre-evolution, Snivy, Servine is primarily green with a cream-colored underside. It has a yellow collar-like structure that starts at the chest and proceeds behind the shoulders. Three palmate leaves grow along its back and tail. Servine has four short limbs and a small crest protruding from the back of its head. It has narrow red eyes and a sneering face.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Servine is incredibly fast. When it runs, it appears to be gliding over the ground. It uses its speed to its advantage to confuse opponents. It absorbs energy in the sunlight to grow more powerful, which also sharpens its movements and agility.

It's Overgrow ability, when Servine uses a Grass-type move, the power will increase by 1.5x if the user has less than or equal to 33% of its maximum HP remaining.

Moves usedEdit

Snivy Attract
Using Attract
Move First Used In
Attract Snivy, I choose you!
Vine Whip Pokémon Emergency!
Leaf Storm First Pokémon Gym Battle! Victory over the Gardenia Twins?
Leaf Blade Snivy, I choose you!
Leaf Tornado Snivy, I choose you!
Leech Seed Pokémon Emergency
Energy Ball Monkshood Town! Challenge from Amelia?
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

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