Hora 洞地方地方
Hora region
Hora Region Map
Map of the Hora Region
Introduction Pokémon — Advance Frontier
Professor Professor Changi
Starter Pokémon Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Fennekin, Chespin, or Froakie
Regional Villains Team Rocket
Pokémon League Hora League
League Location Caspia City
Pokédex List National Pokédex (1-649)
Series Fanon
Season(s) None
Generation Gen I-VI
Games Wiki Roleplay
Adventures Debut None

The Hora region (洞地方, Hora-chihō) is a large continent that lies to far east of the Pokémon continent. Like its western counterpart, the Hora region is a Pokémon continent, filled with the creatures known as Pokémon. Similar to the Unova region, Hora is based on the United States in its modernization.

Hora is a fan made region that is the main setting of this wiki and a majority of the events and adventures that take place therein. Trainers begin in various towns in the region, however, Eden Town is the generally accepted starting point, for most beginning trainers, of the region, with its resident Professor Changi giving beginner trainers their first Pokémon. The professor, not typical of past professors, offers a choice of any starter from Generations I-V.

It is the first region to feature all 649 pokémon as wild and catchable. Due to being so far away from the mainland Pokémon continent, it starts the "route system" over again at 1, similar to the Unova region. It has its own Pokémon Contest competitions, as well as a Safari Zone. Its Battle Frontier is located on Hope Island.

Etymology and design concept

Hora is based off of the United States in culture and, to an extent, technology level. Unlike the regions before it, though, it does not take on a similar geographical look as the country it was based on. The Hora region is comprised of two enormous island, and a third, smaller island, on the farthest west side. These three islands are surrounded by a much large continent, the edges of which are connected to the Hora region. Like America, it is a very modern region shown in its cities, however, like other Pokémon inhabited areas, it has a dense and flourishing wilderness where wild pokémon thrive.

The kanji for "Hora" (洞) can meant "grotto", referring to the many water ways located in and around the region. Most of the cities in the Hora region are named after flowers, with the exception of Eden Town.


Kami Trio Myth

The Kami trio in Hora mythology.

Main article: Hora Pokémon Legend Much like the history surrounding Sinnoh region, Hora's beginnings can be traced back to the beginnings of the world, specifically Arceus' creation of Dialga and Palkia. To continue to keep the balance, Arceus created two additional legendary Pokémon; Lagralia and Sacrelivo. According to legend, Sacrelivo became too ambitious, and Rayquaza was sent to quell the fighting. It, apparently, failed and Arceus sealed the two away, enlisting the help of Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus to form the seals. Taijuti was born sometime after this, to maintain the balance in their place.

Cities, routes, and other locations

Hora has thirty cities and towns, which act as settlements for people and their Pokémon partners as well. In the top, northeastern part of the region lies Caspia City, the location of Hora's Pokémon League, called the Caspia Conference. Caspia City can only be reached by boat; Dahlia City has a ferrying service specifically to transport trainers to Caspia City.

The Hora region also has thirty-five routes in all, which are passages and roads that allow trainers and other travelers to go from place to place within the region itself. Due to being a great distance from the main Pokémon continent, Hora starts its route numbering system from one. Only four of those routes are sea routes. Some routes are heavily afflicted by weather conditions from time to time.


Map City/Town Population Description
Eden Town Eden Town Unknown The birthplace of many adventures.
Freesia Town Freesia Town Unknown A town famous for its food.
Gardenia Town Gardenia Town Unknown A town famous for its gym and Pokémon Contests.
Lumex City Map Lumex City Unknown A famous port in the Hora region.
Mimosa City Mimosa City Unknown A town that sits at the base of Mt. Hora.
Monkshood Town Monkshood Town Unknown A town where time seems to stand still.
Phlox Town Phlox Town Unknown A small town located outside of the Dark Crag. The Hora Department Store can be found here. Make sure to buy items on sale!
Daidem City Diadem City Unknown A town where the ocean breeze is fresh and cries of Wingull can be heard.
Crocus City New Crocus City Unknown A city carved into a mountain.
Osiana Town II Osiana Town Unknown The frozen gateway to nature.
Sage City Sage City Unknown The city time forgot.
Safflower City Safflower City Unknown The city of frozen wonder.
Port Kardinal Port Kardinal Unknown Seaside entrance to the Hora Region.
Saponaria City Saponaria City Unknown The history of the Hora region.
Speedwell Town Speedwell Town Unknown N/A
Strawflower Town Strawflower Town Unknown A city on the east coast of the Region. Hotels are the only form of dwelling here.
Telstar City Telstar City Unknown A city at the heart of a volcano. Cries of a bird can be heard occasionally.
Tuberuse Town Tuberose Town Unknown A small town located where the clean air is said to do wonders for sickly people.
Dalhia City Dahlia City Unknown An active port city and home of Dragons.
Willow Town 2 Willow Town Unknown A town where an abandoned warehouse can be located. It used to be popular for importing goods from Kanto and Johto.
Scarlet Town Scarlet Town Unknown A small oceanside town. Surfing is popular here.
Possible Town 1 Amethest Town Unknown N/A
Caspia City Caspia City Unknown Home of the Hora Region's Caspia Conference, and the city where Trainer's realize their dream of becoming Pokemon Masters.



Hora's routes are numbered from 1 to 25, due to being so far away from the mainland Pokémon continent.

Hora League

Main article: Hora League

Gym Leaders

Image Name Location Type Badge
Axel & Lexa vs Axel & Lexa Gardenia Town Normal
Stinger Badge
Stinger Badge
Cable vs Cable Monkshood Town Electric
Bolt Badge
Bolt Badge
Vinnette vs Vinette Diadem City Grass
Oak Badge New
Oak Badge
Lorraine vs Lorraine Safflower City Water
Arcardia Badge
Arcadia Badge
Ember vs Ember Telstar City Fire
Torch Badge New
Torch Badge
Selene vs Selene Watsonia City Dark
Void Badge New
Void Badge
Cleo vs Cleo Aster Town Psychic
Aura Badge
Aura Badge
RyanOpeningSprite Ryan Dahlia City Dragon
Draco Badge New
Draco Badge

Elite Four

Main article: Elite Four

Image Name Type
Stark screenshot Stark Flying
Mikayla Elite Four Mikayla Fighting
N/A Niles Fairy
N/A Dennis Ghost


  • Hora has the most female gym leaders of any other region in the Pokémon universe thus far.
  • Hora is the only region aside from Kanto (in Pokémon Yellow) to give out more than three starter Pokémon.
    • It gives out the most starter Pokémon of any region; having 15 choices.
    • It is also the only region without a trio of new starter pokémon of its own.
    • Hora is the first region to introduce two major pokémon professors, though only one of them gives trainers their starter pokémon.
    • Hora introduces the least amount of Pokémon out of any region; totaling in three (five, if pre-evolutions are counted); namely Sinne, Sacrelivo, Luumin, Lagralia, and Taijuti.
  • Hora shares similarities with three regions. Like Johto, it does not have it's own Regional Pokédex. Also like Johto (and Kanto), Team Rocket is it's villainous team. And, like Unova, Hora is far off from the main Pokémon continent.
  • Hora is the only region with two forests.
  • Hora is the only region to have a Dark-type Gym.
  • Many of the Hora Gym Leaders desire to capture a Legendary Pokémon of their type speciality, the only few who don't seeming to be Axel & Lexa, Cable, Ember, and Ryan.

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