Gardenia Town Gym
くちなしジム Kuchinashi Gym
Gardenia Gym
Location Gardenia Town
Gym Leader Axel & Lexa
Badge Garden Badge
Dominant Type Normal
Region Hora
Gardenia Town battlefield

Gardenia Town Gym (くちなしジム, Kuchinashi Gym) is the official Pokémon Gym of Gardenia Town. It is based on Normal-type Pokémon. It has two Gym Leaders; Axel & Lexa. Trainers who defeat them receive the Garden Badge.

Design Edit

The outside of the Gym appears to be a very large, purple tower, which leans to the side ever so slightly. The inside contains many levels used for Pokémon training and battling, with the central level consisting mostly of a plain Pokémon battlefield used for Gym challengers.

Gym Rules Edit

Leaders Axel & Lexa have strict rules on how Gym battles are to operate in their Pokémon Gym. For one, battles with the Gym Leaders themselves are always two-on-two double battles. They also dictate what causes a trainer Pokémon to loose. Those conditions are;

  • The Trainer recalls the Pokémon.
  • The Pokémon is knocked out, or too weak to battle.
  • The Pokémon falls asleep.
  • The Pokémon refuses to battle.

Specialization Edit

The Gardenia Gym specializes in the training of Normal-type Pokémon.

Trivia Edit

  • Its design is based on the Sears Tower in America.