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エリザベス Elizabeth
Gender Female
Birth date August 11
Eye color Green
Hair color Light Gray
Hometown Moonlight Province
Region Hora
Trainer class Psychic
Generation Gen II-V
Specializes in Psychic and Dark

Elli, also known to her full name Elizabeth Seville, is a pokémon trainer who specializes with Psychic and Dark types, she originated from some province called Moonlight Province, where she is an heir to the richest family there together with her brother. She is also Moonlight Province's third greatest trainer, only next to his brother Erieol and the infamous Yura. She is known to own a Raikou.

Biography Edit

Elli is a Pokemon trainer hailing from Moonlight Province, having had an extravagant life, she wanted to be free and travel and to explore the world of Pokemon. Even though her mother wont allow her, because of what happened to her brother, who did not return after 5 long years, her father was supportive of her dream and gave her her first two Pokemon, an Abra and a Ghastly. Before she went away, she saw the lights from the Lighthouse, and she said that one day, she will find out what's inside. Then she went on, first riding a ship to Kanto, there Professor Oak gave her an Eevee. After joining the Pokemon League and having the 3rd Place, she went on to her journey to Hoenn. Like what happened before, she ranked 3rd in the Hoenn league. After that, she went to Johto, there she was champion in the League. She returned to her hometown after she won, finally, she went inside the lighthouse and faced Raikou.

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On Hand Edit

Elli's Raikou
Elli's Espeon
Elli's Sazandora
Monozu -> Jiheddo → Sazandora
Elli's Froslass
Elli's Gallade
Elli's Mismagius
Misdreavus → Mismagius

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