Dahlia City ダリヤシティ
Dariya City
"A bustling sea-side city"
Dalhia City
Map description
An active port city and home of Dragons.
Dahlia City Gym - Hora Gym #8
specialist Gym
Draco Badge New
Draco Badge
Dahlia City Gym - Hora Gym #8
specialist Gym
Draco Badge New
Draco Badge
Dahlia City Gym - Hora Gym #8
specialist Gym
Draco Badge New
Draco Badge
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Connecting locations
Caspia City
Hora Route 21
Dahlia City
Route 19
Dahlia Location
Location of Dahlia City in Hora.

Dahlia City (ダリヤシティ, Dariya City) is located in northeast Hora. It is known as a "bustling seaside city".

Pokémon Trainers often venture to Dahlia City to win the Draco Badge from Ryan, the Dahlia Gym Leader, who specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon.

It is also the location of the ferry that takes a trainer from Dahlia City to Caspia City, the location of the Caspia Conference; Hora's Pokémon League.

Like its counterpart in the Johto Region, the city is well known for the Dragon trainers that it produces. This is because Ryan offers beginning trainer, who don't want to visit Professor Changi in the far off time of Eden Town, a choice of his untrained Dragon-type Pokémon to start their journey off with.

It is also famous for its dual Pokémon Center and PokéMart, with the latter being the top story of the former.

Places of Interest Edit

Pokémon Contest Hall Edit

Dahlia is the location of the Hora region's largest Contest Hall. While it hosts regular contests for those wanting to earn ribbons, every two years a competition known as the Dahlia Grand Conference is held to determine the best coordinator in all of Hora.

Underwater Dragon Cave Edit

If a trainer was to use Dive in the waters directly behind the PokéMart/Center they would arrive at the entrance to and underwater cave. The cave is home to several deep sea Pokémon and some Dragon-type Pokémon, which aren't usually found in other parts of the region.

Several of the local Gym Trainers, including the Leader himself, train in the cave. Ryan, the Gym Leader, has constructed a special lift that lowers himself into a chamber of the cave from his Gym. Treasure hunting is also common in the cavern, as the tide will sometimes bring in rare items to the caves first chamber.

Due to the strength of the Dragon-type Pokémon in the cave, Ryan forbids trainers without his badge from entering the cavern.

Day Care Edit

The city is also host to a Daycare. A Pokémon Day Care is a place for Pokémon Trainers to drop off their Pokémon to be raised in the care of other people, in this case, as in others, an old couple. The daycare charges Poke-dollar100 a week to keep Pokémon there.

The daycare of the Hora region is slightly different from other regions, however, in that it allows a trainer to train off of the Pokémon entrusted to them, as a second option, allowing a trainer to learn new tactics and evolve their Pokémon far quicker.

Most beginning trainers in Dahlia come to the daycare to level up their starter Pokémon and to learn the basics of Pokémon battling.

Demographics Edit

Dahlia City, being a port city as well as a center of commerce, has a population of around 50,000 people.

Trivia Edit

  • This town is the only way to get to Caspia City until a trainer visits the latter, which allows them to Fly to the city.

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